Ferinox is an Egyptian company founded on market and operational experience gained since 1980.
The core foundation to the company’s service relies on:
  • The in‐depth sales and service coverage over the country
  • An affiliate dedicated stainless steel fabrication factory
Ferinox is a specialist in metal fabrication; primarily stainless steel for tailor made design implementation and superior end look. Catering for industries highlighted by:
  • Hard Kitchen Supplies.
  • Real estate.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Custom made industrial equipments.
  • Interior & exterior decoration projects with a specialty in hand rails.
Our key strength at Ferinox is the capacity of undertaking a wide scope of projects, bearing in mind the special requirements of each project, the finishing expectations and the dynamics of operation that result in unique outcomes of both, shapes and thickness.
At Ferinox we rely on our knowhow represented in a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians, gained as a result of accumulative experience of project management and execution for over 30 years, with leading names in the Egyptian market from contractors & architects to designers and field specialists.


The founding members proud themselves with a solid track record of more than 100 successfully delivered projects over 30 years, gaining the company its position as a key market player, one that is reliable, always efficient, and most of all a resourceful supplier that offers solutions for challenging specifications and prompt deadlines where the company has always delivered on time, yet beyond expectations.


Our production capacity can host and cater for all areas where stainless steel is optimum, highlighted by main lines of products for:
  • Interior and exterior works.
  • Pharmaceutical equipments.
  • Hard Kitchen Supplies.
  • Standard and custom industrial equipments.


Technical Design office:
Dedicated team of qualified designers handling all inquiries, providing optimum design solutions for custom made products and product specifications.
Technical Engineers:
Our skillful technicians handle implementation, proper installation and initial tryout for you newly delivered product.
Production and installation:
State of the art machinery and technology that enables us to transform the most challenging designs and requests into solid and functional end products, with the highest level of finishing quality.
Product warranty:
Our seal of trust and reliability, we guarantee our products and sustain our commitment for our clients with a specialized after sales service.


For more than 50 years, stainless steel has given many designers, architects and industrial professionals the capacity of expressing their designs as the nature it has makes it durable, compliant to all formats of shape with a superior end look for finished products.
Stainless steel is known for its ease of maintenance and cleaning, high resistance to heat in addition to its key competency being stain resistant.
With these features and benefits in addition to others, stainless steel is the number one material used globally for food, pharmaceutical and construction.

Key Features

  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Fire and heat resistance, anti-scaling.
  • Hygienic and non-porous.
  • Aesthetic appearance.